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Upcoming Mega Projects of India Currently Ongoing

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Upcoming Mega Projects of India Currently Ongoing 


World's first motorable road through glacier icecap

  • It is one of the most ambitious projects of the Border Roads Organisation.
  • It intends to build the world's first glacier road. Project Himank aims to build a motorable road that runs across the world's highest glaciers. This project is located in the eastern region of Ladakh.
  • It will be built at an altitude of 17,800 feet. This will be an important link connecting the glaciers of the region, which have been inaccessible till now. It is also one of the most dangerous jobs.


Indian Multi-Role Helicopter

The Indian Multi-Role Helicopter (IMRH) is a medium-lift helicopter currently developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Armed Forces for air attack, air strike, anti-submarine, anti-surface, troop transport and VIP transport. has been done. It is done. being done. roles. is being developed. , being done. , IMRH aims to replace all current Mil Mi-17 and Mil Mi-8 helicopters in the Indian Military.


Bharatmala Project

Facilitating the movement of goods and passengers across the country by bridging critical infrastructure gaps through effective interventions such as development of economic corridors, inter-corridors and feeder routes, improving the efficiency of national corridors, border highways, Bharatmala Yojana. plan. region. Program for efficiency and optimization of international connectivity roads, coastal and port connectivity roads and green-field expressways.


Chenab Rail Bridge

The Chenab Bridge’s arch was recently finished by the Indian railways in April 2021. The bridge, which is now under construction, will be the world’s highest railway bridge.

It is located in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The work is part of the rail project connecting Udhampur, Srinagar and Baramulla.

The extension will be 1,315 km long and will be 359 meters above ocean level.

Rs 200 crore is expected to be spent on the world's highest rail bridge. 5.12 billion.

This investment is expected to boost the economic development of the Union Territory. Also, making public transport more accessible to the general public.


Mumbai to Delhi Expressway

This huge Delhi-Mumbai Expressway stretches for about 1350 kms. It is being worked between the public capital and the monetary capital of our country.

The project started in 2019 and is expected to cost a total of Rs 1,03,000 crore. The major goal is to improve connectivity between major cities of the country. Increasing the amount of local development around the expressway.

The building has resumed after a hiatus due to the pandemic. The project will have two phases.


The first phase will have eight lanes, while the second phase will have twelve lanes. Rail Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said in the Rajya Sabha that by July 2021, 350 km of the total project has been completed.

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Upcoming Mega Projects of India Currently Ongoing