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What Is NEOM? Saudi Arabia's $500 Billion Super City Project

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What Is NEOM? Saudi Arabia's $500 Billion Super City Project


In November 2020, Israeli Head of the state Benjamin Netanyahu went to Saudi Arabia to meet Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The scene for the mystery rendezvous was situated in NEOM, which is a cutting edge megacity which is being worked under the Sovereign's nearby watch. Today NEOM has contacted new levels. Investigate the venture subtleties and have a lot of experience with the world's most memorable vertical city underneath.


What is NEOM?

NEOM is being called as what 'New Future would resemble' by Saudi Arabia. Neom is a portmanteau of the Greek word neos, signifying "new," and mustaqbal, the Arabic word for "future." It is a cutting edge super city multiple times the size of New York City.


NEOM is being based on the Red Ocean in northwest Saudi Arabia. It tends to be envisioned as where business and development would approach the course for this New Future. The city is being promoted as another model for supportable living, working and flourishing. Saudi authorities portray it as "the world's most aggressive task."


NEOM: Importance and realities


  1. NEOM is an arranged 16-precinct city on the Red Ocean coast in the northwestern Saudi region of Tabuk.


  1. Saudi Arabia has named it after the words New Future trying to make something that has never been finished.


  1. A colossal measure of in excess of 500 billion bucks are being put resources into this fantasy venture of the Saudi Sovereign.


  1. It has been arranged to such an extent that all significant urban areas across the world would be a 8-hour departure from NEOM


  1. The city is being assembled utilizing man-made reasoning and clean energy sources.


  1. The city would comprise of projectile trains and hyperloop yet the inhabitants would be empowered for utilizing bikes


  1. NEOM's environment gives un-matched reciprocal sun oriented and wind possible through seriously evaluated sustainable power. The public authority of Saudi Arabia would assemble new enterprises and drive the following rush of the energy progress by delivering green hydrogen.


  1. Utilizing minimal expense clean energy and a sans carbon energy environment without any preparation, NEOM anticipates creating energy-escalated businesses with the possibility to lead on a worldwide scale.


  1. NEOM would fabricate Advanced Air which is Complimentary wireless internet for every one of its occupants.


  1. In January 2019, Saudi Arabia set up an organization, likewise called Neom, to be the main thrust behind the structure exertion.


  1. It employed three of the world's biggest consultancy firms in 2017. These were McKinsey and Co, Boston Counseling, and Oliver Wyman.

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What Is NEOM? Saudi Arabia's $500 Billion Super City Project