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Managing Software project Multiple Choice Question MCQ

Categories: Technology Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

1. SPMP stands for __________.

(a)Software Project Manager’s Plan

(b)Software Project Management Plan

(c)Software Product Management Plan

(d)Software Product Manager’s Plan

Answer: B

2. __________ is the reason that software is delivered late.

(a)Changing customer requirements that are not reflected in schedule changes

(b)Technical difficulties that could not have been foreseen in advance

(c)Human difficulties that could not have been foreseen in advance

(d)All of the mentioned

Answer: D

3. __________ is an activity that distributes estimated effort across the planned project duration by allocating the effort to specific software engineering tasks.

(a)Software Macroscopic schedule

(b)Software Project scheduling

(c)Software Detailed schedule

(d)None of the mentioned


4. Every task that is scheduled should be assigned to a specific team member is termed as


(b)Defined milestones

(c)Defined responsibilities

(d)Defined outcomes

Answer: C

5. What is a collection of software engineering work tasks, milestones, and deliverables that must be accomplished to complete a particular project?

(a)Task set

(b)Degree of milestone

(c)Adaptation criteria

(d)All of the mentioned

Answer: A

6. Ensuring that no more than the allocated number of people are allocated at any given time in Software Scheduling is known as

(a)Time Allocation

(b)Effort Validation

(c)Defined Milestone

(d)Effort Distribution

Answer: B

7. What evaluates the risk associated with the technology to be implemented as part of project scope?

(a)Concept scoping

(b)Preliminary concept planning

(c)Technology risk assessment

(d)Customer reaction to the concept

Answer: B

8. __________ is a project scheduling method that can be applied to software development.




(d)Both PERT and CPM

Answer: D

9. A technique for performing quantitative analysis of progress is known as





Answer: B

10. What is the recommended distribution of effort for a project?





Answer: A

11. Effective software project management focuses on

(a) people, performance, payoff, product

(b)people, product, performance, process

(c)people, product, process, project 

(d)people, process, payoff, product

Answer: C

12. Organizations that achieve high levels of maturity in people management have a higher likelihood of implementing effective software engineering processes



Answer: A

13. The first step in project planning is to

(a)determine the budget.

(b)select a team organizational model.

(c)determine the project constraints

(d)establish the objectives and scope 

Answer: D

14. Process framework activities are populated with


(b)work products

(c)QA points

(d)all of the above 

Answer: D

15. Project management is less important for modern software development since most projects are successful and completed on time



Answer: B

16. Which of the following is not considered a stakeholder in the software process?



(c)project managers

(d)sales people 

Answer: D

17. The best person to hire as a project team leader is the most competent software engineering practitioner available



Answer: B

18. The best project team organizational model to use when tackling extremely complex problems is the

(a)closed paradigm

(b)open paradigm 

(c)random paradigm

(d)synchronous paradigm

Answer: B

19. Which factors should be considered in choosing the organizational structure for a software team?

(a)degree of communication desired

(b)predicted size of the resulting program

(c)rigidity of the delivery date

(d)size of the project budget

Answer: A

20. One of the best ways to avoid frustration during the software development process is to

(a)give team members more control over process and technical decisions 

(b)give team members less control over process and technical decisions.

(c)hide bad news from the project team members until things improve.

(d)reward programmers based on their productivity.

Answer: A

Managing Software project Multiple Choice Question MCQ