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Technology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Categories: Technology Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

1. Which one of the following is an example of an ‘internet search engine?



(c)MS Word


Answer (b)

2. At which port number, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) operates





Answer (d)

3. Which of the following is not an HTML tag?

(a)< select >

(b)< input >

(c)< textarea >

(d)< list >

Answer (d)

4. Which among these is not a Web browser?





Answer (a)

5. World Wide Web was invented by

(a)Ted Nelson

(b)Tim Berners-Lee

(c)Linus Torvalds

(d)Robert E. Kahn

Answer (b)

6. What does W3C stand for?

(a)World Wide Web Consortium

(b)World Wide Website Consortium

(c)World Wide Website Community

(d)World Wide Web Community

Answer (a)

7. What does HTML stand for?

(a)Hyper Text Markup Language

(b)High Text Markup Language

(c)Hyper Tabular Markup Language

(d)None of these

Answer (a)

8. The following statements are about three important browser objects in JavaScript.

I. window object : The highest of all objects in the client-side JavaScript object hierarchy.

II. navigator object : A collection of information about the browser. Useful in browser sniffing.

III. document object : Provides access to the document being viewed.

Which of the above statements is/are true?

(a)Only (I) above

(b)Only (II) above

(c)Only (III) above

(d)All (I), (II) and (III) above

Answer (d)

9. The following message is displayed on the browser, while trying to access a URL

Server; Error 403

The reason for the message:

(a)The requested HTML file is not available

(b)The URL refers to a CGI script and the header of the script does not indicate where the interpreter is located

(c)The path to the interpreter of the script file is invalid

(d)The requested HTML file or CGI script has insufficient permission

Answer (d)

10. Which of the following statements is true regarding HTTP?

(a)Web browsers use only HTTP as a communication protocol with servers

(b)It does not maintain any connection information on previous transactions

(c)It is designed to route information based on content

(d)It refers to resources using their Universal Resource Identifier (URI)

Answer (b)

11. Which one among these is used with tag as an attribute to specify alternate text for an image, if the image is not displayed for some reason?





Answer (a)

12. Which among the following options is correct regarding HTML?

(a)Modelling Language

(b)DTP language

(c)Partial programming language

(d)Used to structure web documents

Answer (d)

13. HTTPs stands for

(a)Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

(b)High Text Transfer Protocol Secure

(c)Hyper Transfer Protocol Secure

(d)Hyper Transfer Protocol Standard

Answer (a)

14. XML stands for

(a)Extensible Mask Language

(b)Extensible Markup Language

(c)Extended Markup Language

(d)Extension Markup Language

Answer (b)

15. Which of the following is NOT true regarding JavaScript?

(a)JavaScript is a loosely typed language

(b)JavaScript is event driven

(c)JavaScript is not an object-based language

(d)JavaScript can not run in standalone mode

Answer (b)

16. What are Empty elements and is it valid?

(a)No, there are no such terms as Empty Elements

(b)Empty elements are element with no data

(c)No, it is not valid to use Empty Element

(d)None of these

Answer (b)

17. Which method of the Component class is used to set the position and size of a component in JSP?





Answer (b)

18. Which of the following is a container?




(d)Both (a) and (b)

Answer (d)

19. In JSP, a Canvas object provides access to a Graphics object via one of its method called





Answer (c)

20. How can you open a link in a new browser window?

(a)< a href = “url” target = “new”>

(b)<a href = “url” target= “_blank”>

(c)<a href = “url”.new>

(d)<a href = “url” target =”open”>

Answer (b)

Technology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)