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PUBG Mobile Lite vs. PUBG Mobile: Which is Better?

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PUBG Mobile Lite vs. PUBG Mobile: Which is Better?


The answer to this question depends your personal preferences and the sort of device you are utilizing.


PUBG Mobile Lite is intended for lower-end devices with restricted handling power and memory. It has more modest guide sizes and less players per match, which makes the game less asset concentrated and quicker paced. If you have a financial plan or more seasoned device, PUBG Mobile Lite might be the better decision for you.


Then again, PUBG Mobile offers bigger guides, more players per match, and a more extensive assortment of weapons, vehicles, and game modes. It gives a more vivid gaming experience and offers more open doors for vital interactivity. If you have a top-of-the-line device and are searching for a more perplexing and testing game, PUBG Mobile is presumably the better decision.


Eventually, the two games offer extraordinary and agreeable encounters, and the decision between the two descends to your own inclinations and the abilities of your device.


Differences between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile Lite


1) Number of players in a match

The quantity of players who take part in a specific match fluctuates in the two games.

PUBG Mobile Lite highlights 60 players contending with one another in a solitary battle royale, though PUBG New State has 100 players in each game, like the standard battle royale titles.


2) Map size

The guide size in PUBG Mobile Lite is 2x2, which considers a lot swifter battle royal experience. Then again, the combat zone in PUBG New State - "Troi" is just 8x8 in size.


3) Graphics

With regards to illustrations, clients will see a tremendous distinction between the two titles. As PUBG Mobile Lite is intended for low-end devices, the illustrations are shoddy contrasted with that of PUBG New State. In any case, when the necessities are thought of, they are really sensible contrasted with most of different titles on the stage.


4) Minimum requirements

There is very much an adjustment in the base necessities of the titles also. For PUBG Mobile Lite to work well, it requires 1 GB of Slam and 600 MB of room, while the base necessities for PUBG New State are Android version 6 and 2 GB of RAM.


5) Futuristic items

PUBG New State is situated in 2051, and consequently the engineers have presented various cutting-edge things, for example, drones and ballistic safeguards, which aren't accessible in PUBG Mobile Lite and the vast majority of the other Mobile battle royal titles.

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PUBG Mobile Lite vs. PUBG Mobile: Which is Better?