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Gaming Multiple Choice Question MCQ Set 2

Categories: gaming

1.Who is the founder of the Indian Olympic Games, who helped in the creation of the National Games of India?

[A] F.C Aurora

[B] S.S Dhawan

[C] G.D Sondhi

[D] M.G Nageskar

Answer :C

2.What is the correct measurement of a pitch in the cricket game?

[A] 20 meter long

[B] 22 meter long

[C] 24 meter long

[D] 26 meter long

Answer :A

3.Which sport’s competition was known as the “Friends Provident Trophy”?

[A] Football

[B] Volleyball

[C] Squash

[D] Cricket

Answer :D

4.Which state of India houses the Rajiv Gandhi International cricket stadium?

[A] Andhra Pradesh

[B] Telangana

[C] Kerala

[D] Tamil Nadu

Answer :B

5.Which cricket ground is known as the “Home of Cricket”?

[A] Melbourne Cricket Ground

[B] Eden Park Cricket Ground

[C] Adelaide Oval Cricket Ground

[D] Lord’s Cricket Ground

Answer :D

6.Who got the most runs in the first Women’s Cricket World Cup held in 1973?

[A] Lynne Thomas

[B] Jackie Potter

[C] Enid Bakewell

[D] Louise Browne

Answer :C

7.In which cricket world cup, the South African cricket team was allowed to participate for the first time, after the end of the international sports boycott following the fall of the apartheid regime?

[A] 1987 Cricket World Cup

[B] 1992 Cricket World Cup

[C] 1996 Cricket World Cup

[D] 1999 Cricket World Cup

Answer :B

8.Which is the highest governing body of “Kabaddi”?

[A] International Kabaddi Association

[B] International Kabaddi Federation

[C] International Kabaddi Council

[D] International Kabaddi Committee

Answer :B

9.“Bandy” is a sub-type of which sport?

[A] Kabaddi

[B] Hand ball

[C] Hockey

[D] Squash

Answer :C

10.Which of the following sport’s variant is “Street Hockey”?

[A] Sledge Hockey

[B] Power Hockey

[C] Field Hockey

[D] Ice Hockey

Answer :D

11.Which country was the runner-up in the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup?

[A] India

[B] New Zealand

[C] England

[D] Australia

Answer :A

12.In which year, the first edition of the Pro Kabaddi League was held?

[A] 2012

[B] 2014

[C] 2016

[D] 2018

Answer :B

13.In which Olympics, women’s Field Hockey was introduced for the first time?

[A] 1972 Summer Olympics

[B] 1976 Summer Olympics

[C] 1980 Summer Olympics

[D] 1984 Summer Olympics

Answer :C

14.Which country won the gold medal in women’s field hockey at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games?

[A] Canada

[B] United States of America

[C] Russia

[D] Finland

Answer :B

15.Which sport’s competition is known as the “Ligue Magnus”?

[A] Ice Hockey

[B] Roller Hockey

[C] Field Hockey

[D] Bandy

Answer :A

16.Which sport’s sub-type variant is “Ringette”?

[A] Squash

[B] Hockey

[C] Golf

[D] Polo

Answer :B

17.Which were the countries that participated in the football match event “Maracanazo” in the 1950 FIFA World Cup?

[A] Brazil Vs Argentina

[B] Argentina Vs France

[C] Argentina Vs Uruguay

[D] Uruguay Vs Brazil

Answer :D

18.Which sport’s competition is known as the “Rotterdam Open”?

[A] Volleyball

[B] Tennis

[C] Golf

[D] Polo

Answer :B

19.Which is the highest governing body of Badminton sport?

[A] Badminton World Association

[B] Badminton World Federation

[C] Badminton World Council

[D] Badminton World Committee

Answer :B

20.Who became the second Indian badminton player to have won the All England Open Badminton Championships?

[A] Prakash Padukone

[B] Parupalli Kashyap

[C] Pullela Gopichand

[D] Chetan Anand

Answer :C

Gaming Multiple Choice Question MCQ Set 2